October 31, 2014 5


Are ALL Offers Worth Presenting?

Or perhaps the better question is: are all offers worth considering?

Take that one step further: are all offers worth working on?

In the eyes of a person submitting a crummy offer, of course the offer is worth working on! But in reality, and in the eyes of the seller, it’s often just waste of everybody’s time.

And if there’s one thing that will never change in real estate, it’s that nobody has any concern for anybody else’s time…

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October 29, 2014 11


How Important Is A Virtual Tour?

Very important, in my opinion.  And most active MLS listings for properties up for sale that don’t have virtual tours are severely lacking in a market where it pays to be thorough.

Let’s be honest – the concept of a “virtual tour” is nothing new, and “virtual” might have seemed like a futuristic word twenty years ago, but now it should simply be expected.

There are some virtual tours, however, like the one below, that might be a bit to extreme.  Watch the video, chuckle, shake your head, and then we’ll discuss…

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October 27, 2014 9

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“Pocket Listing”

A reader sent me this movie trailer, and after watching the first ten seconds, I said aloud, “This is a spoof.”

My colleague sitting behind me asked, “Is that ‘Pocket Listing?’ I can’t wait to go and see that!”

This has to be a joke.  It just has to be.  Doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about real estate movies, and real estate TV shows, just because, it’s Monday…

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October 24, 2014 10


Condo Buyers: Should You Fear The Word “Lawsuit”?


How does that word make you feel?  Did you get a shiver down your spine?  Are you scared?

That’s the reaction most people have.  If media, Hollywood, and societal perception has taught us anything it’s that lawyers are big and scary, and that you can “sue” anybody, for anything, at any time.

In the Toronto condominium world, we are always on the lookout potential litigation, but is there such a thing as “litigation that doesn’t matter?”  Or call it, “insignificant litigation?”

Let me explain, and then let’s discuss…

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October 22, 2014 14


How Secure Is YOUR Condominium?

Whenever I show condos, I always hate when the concierge has to “unlock” the elevator so I can access the floor I’m going to.

I always tell my buyer clients, “This is such overkill!  There’s a lock on the front door, a concierge at a desk, a lock on the door of your unit – why the need for a FOB to access your floor in the elevator?”

Well, I guess there are some condos that are too secure, because others are not secure enough.

Call me a creep, but watch me walk right into this condo, which has virtually no security at the back…

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October 20, 2014 44


Has Listing/Re-Listing Gone Too Far?

There’s nothing to stop a home-owner from listing his or her house at $749,900, getting six offers, turning them all away, and then re-listing at $899,900 the next day.

The public hates it, and although many won’t admit it, Realtors are tired of it as well.

Is there a solution?

Or can we just accept the pricing chaos in Toronto’s real estate market that has simply been accepted as “the norm?”

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