September 30, 2015 31


Toronto Life: Best & Worst Places To Live

Toronto Life is at it again!

I can’t believe two years has passed since they published their rankings of 140 of Toronto’s neighbourhoods, and left it to the peanut-galleries (such as this one…) to debate, bicker, and critique the “findings” of their thorough analyses.

And now comes the updated, 2015 version, which has been Posted, Tweeted, “Liked,” Shared, and bandied about on social media, non-stop, all week.

It’s made too many headlines for us to not have a look at it here and now…

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September 28, 2015 10


Quality Control!

Well, if my buyer-clients weren’t depressed before we went looking at houses, they sure as hell are now!

A Thursday morning foray into Wexford & Scarborough “new, custom-built homes” left us all in tears as we made our way back to the central core.

I took a few videos of the, um, “quality” of the construction of these McMansions, and you might be shocked at what $1 Million gets you these days…

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September 25, 2015 10


Are You a V.I.P.?

Because if you weren’t standing out on Merton Street last night for hours and hours on end, then clearly you’re not part of the in-crowd.

In order to answer the constant stream of questions about “why” and “how” our condominium market continues to chug along, you have to consider the way pre-construction condominiums are sold.

So long as you can get people to line up for hours (and it’s not even winter!) as demonstrated in this video, the market will continue to rise…

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September 23, 2015 19


What Lays Ahead For The “High End” Of Toronto’s Market?

And what do you consider “high-end” anyways?

Maybe that’s a question we should answer, while we’re at it.

But whatever you consider “high-end” in Toronto, there’s no doubt that it’s hot real estate right now.  And while many people (myself included) might have expected prices of high-end homes to stagnate, those prices are continuing to rise.

So what’s the future of high-end real estate in Toronto?

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September 21, 2015 24

Special Features

What If The Whole World Worked The Same As The Toronto Real Estate Industry?

We may have missed an episode in August, but believe me when I say this series is going to run for a while!

In our hyper-sensitive real estate market, there’s no shortage of topics to cover.  And today, we’re going to look at those awful real estate seminars that prey on the naive and hopeful.

I’m sure you’ve heard radio ads for these seminars, and I guarantee you’ve seen their ads on Facebook.

So let me show you what they’re all about in the following video…

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September 18, 2015 22


Trex Decking: Is It Worth It?

Have you heard of “Trex?”

It’s a composite material that looks like wood, but will never need the maintenance of a wood deck.

Sure, it costs more.  But certainly you get what you pay for.

Whether you live in a house with a massive back patio, or a condo with a small terrace, you should consider splurging for Trex.  I just did.  And I’d like to show you a “before and after” at my condo…

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