July 31, 2017 6


New Way Of Pricing?

Remember when properties were laughably, egregiously, and pathetically under-listed to try and “fool” the market and its participants?

And remember when that worked?

The game has changed since the busy spring, 2017 market, and sellers and listing agents are looking for new tools and strategies.

So it should come as no surprise that the new strategy is the complete and utter opposite of the old one…

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July 28, 2017 9


Changes To The Condo Act = More Government Lip Service

It’s not a Friday unless I pull up my stars-and-stripes socks, and complain about government.

Okay, so I’m a far cry from a tea party member down south, but I’ve been told, on at least one occasion, that I have a habit of making many things political.

So forgive me in advance today when I suggest that the “big changes” to the Condominium Act that the Liberal government is spoon-feeding us, is simply more rhetoric, and nothing but lip service…

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July 26, 2017 23


Greed Is Good……Right?

The 1980’s were said to be the “Decade of Greed,” and if Hollywood’s portrayal was any indication, those of us watching now in hindsight would have no reason to believe it was anything to the contrary.

Market regulations, consumer interactions, and the way commerce is transacted may have changed since then, but greed still exists.

The real estate market, as many of you would argue, is ground zero.

Let me tell you a story about greed, that still after having thought about this for weeks, and written the entire blog below, makes absolutely, positively, no sense…

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July 24, 2017 84


Must-Read Real Estate Headlines

I don’t usually do this – post the creative content of others; there’s already enough of that on Facebook, where every news feed is a “share” of an existing online article.

But over the weekend, each of the major Toronto newspapers (save for the Sun, but I did say “major”) had a piece on the Toronto real estate market that was different from the usual recap or roundup, and offered some insight and commentary.

I want to show you those three articles today, and comment briefly, then add a fourth article which sums up the plight of mankind’s future.  Yes, really, it does.  You won’t want to miss it…

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July 21, 2017 17


Rationalizing The Rental Market

Nobody ever talks about the rental market, do they?

It’s just not as sexy a topic.  Who cares about a $1,900 per month lease when we have stories about houses selling for $500,000 over asking!

Well, I have a feeling you’re going to hear a lot about the rental market in the coming weeks, since it is, to be blunt, out of control.

Let me explain where we are, how and why we got here, and give you a few in-the-trenches stories…

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July 19, 2017 7


What Other Historical St. Lawrence Market Buildings Could Become Condos?

I suppose I sort of asked myself this question to conclude Monday’s blog post, and thus I felt the topic was somewhat unfinished.

We are running out of land in Toronto on which to build housing, and developers are buying fully-functional 20-storey office buildings to build 60-storey condominiums!

A lot of the “old” properties in the original Town of York aren’t actually designated heritage, but rather merely listed.

Which of these could we see become condos in the coming years?  Let’s take a look, and debate whether or not these buildings are worth saving…

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