“Daddy Divorceville”


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January 23, 2012

Many neighbourhoods or pockets of Toronto have nicknames; some good, some, rather unflattering.

This unique offshoot of Leaside has a cynical and somewhat unfortunate nickname, but don’t blame me – I didn’t make it up!

Don’t shoot the messenger!  I’m not the one that coined the term, “Daddy Divorceville”…

There are far worse areas of Toronto with far worse nicknames, but this one is just a bit depressing.

When I first heard the term “Daddy Divorceville,” did what almost any person would be naturally inclined to do, and chuckled a little.

But the more I thought about it, the sadder it became.

I immediately conjured up this visual image in my head of some poor 40-something man opening a can of Zoodles and warming it on his electric stove.

I guess things could be worse.  Many men would jump right into a relationship with their secretary, buy a boat, rent a downtown Toronto penthouse, and spend $20,000 on a zebra rug.  It takes all kinds, and while I’d like to think that most men would immediately think of their children and how to be closer to them, many men think about themselves, hair-plugs, strippers, Porches, and God knows what else.

Daddy Divorceville can be somewhat depressing, but the positive side of this situation is that there are a lot of good parents out there that put their children first, and would give anything to be near them.  These aren’t bad properties at all, and the area is still developing.  There are two new condominium towers being built by Aspen Ridge, and a new road is opening that will connect with Eglinton Avenue and allow easier access to and from the neighbourhood.

Much of the commercial/industrial land along Laird and further east has been transformed into residential & retail, and I expect the trend to continue.  This area is developing, and is still a prime location that is quick driving distance to all infrastructure and amenities, and seconds from all TTC routes.

Perhaps years from now, this cluster of townhouses will be home to families – and by that, I mean those that are whole, and with no intention of splitting…

Written By David Fleming

David Fleming is the author of Toronto Realty Blog, founded in 2007. He combined his passion for writing and real estate to create a space for honest information and two-way communication in a complex and dynamic market. David is a licensed Broker and the Broker of Record for Bosley – Toronto Realty Group

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  1. George

    at 11:09 am

    Great, now I really want some Zoodles.

    How did you get the trucks to roll in on cue? Impressive.

    1. Bonnie Hoy

      at 9:27 pm

      I actually work at this site so I know exactly who lives here. How you could a term such a vibrant community as Daddy Divorceville is just irresponsible journalism. There are several families in this community, plenty of seniors, empty nesters, and several single people. As a matter of fact, divorced dads are almost non-existent. One of our own residents was good enough to show me this as they were quite disappointed as well. If we have a lot of anything at this location believe it or not it’s dogs. We’re a pet friendly community and some of our residents have the rarest breeds of dogs I’ve ever seen.

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