Have A Great Long Weekend!

Opinion | June 30, 2017

In case it wasn’t obvious from the title of today’s post, I’m mailing it in today.

For those of you hoping to absorb some earth-shattering real estate content, I apologize.

But I haven’t had a vacation since I got back from Idaho in August of 2016, and I’m heading up north this weekend with my wife, dog, and 7-month-old baby in what will either be an epic family adventure, or total freakin’ disaster.

3-hours in the car with the baby – how bad can it be?

I’ll be back on Tuesday with a new blog.  Have a great long weekend, folks!


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One thought on “Have A Great Long Weekend!

  1. Condodweller

    at 11:31 am

    David, at 7 months old they are strapped into a seat and shouldn’t give you any trouble. The fun starts when they are out of the seat and old enough to crawl/walk!

    Have a great 150th everyone!

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