March 31, 2011 5


The Reverse Offer

Here is a tool you should keep in your real estate….ummm…..tool box!

The seldom-used “reverse offer” allows the seller to start up the dialogue again after, perhaps, a regretful occurrence.

I suppose it’s better than physically crawling back, right?

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March 29, 2011 10


Google Street View – Invasion of Privacy?

This is a topic that could be hotly debated for years to come, but let’s start with the following article that appeared in the CBC newsroom last week.

Google was fined by a French body for improperly collecting and storing data, but I’m wondering if the idea of posting a photo of every house in the world isn’t the larger concern.

As a Realtor, I love it!  But as a human (which most Realtors are…), I’m not so sure that I ever liked the idea in the first place…

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March 28, 2011 11


Monday Morning Mania!

I found it!  I finally found it!

“That house” that I kept picturing in my mind over and over for the past two years – I finally happened to pass by it and snap off this quick video.

If you remember the video I shot a few years back about the house with the obscene Christmas lights (see HERE), you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that this house is even more ridiculous…

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March 25, 2011 2


The Mortgage Minute

…..or five minutes, if you will.

I’ve hired a new camera-man and this video is a little easier to follow than last week’s deliciously decadent pre-construction vid.

Here’s five minutes with one of the most knowledgable mortgage brokers in Canada; explaining the March 18th changes, talking about RRSP contributions, and providing his thoughts on current interest rates…

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March 23, 2011 5


“Time To Step Up The Oversight of CMHC Operations”

I was literally just having a conversation on this topic with a colleague of mine on Friday, and today comes a fantastic article on the subject in the Globe & Mail.

Does the tax-paying public know who CMHC is, what they do, and what the risks are for the general public?

I can’t help but think of the ongoing Phoenix Coyotes vs. Goldwater Institute saga and draw a serious parallel…

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March 22, 2011 10


Greed? Or Just Stupidity?

I told my client on the phone, “This kind of thing happens about once per year, and unfortunately, it’s happened to you.”

I also told him, “This is the kind of story that I’ve been writing about on my blog for the past few years; the kind of story that you read and think ‘Good Lord, I’m glad that didn’t happen to me!'”

Sorry buddy – we’ll get the next one!

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