June 30, 2017 1


Have A Great Long Weekend!

In case it wasn’t obvious from the title of today’s post, I’m mailing it in today.

For those of you hoping to absorb some earth-shattering real estate content, I apologize.

But I haven’t had a vacation since I got back from Idaho in August of 2016, and I’m heading up north this weekend with my wife, dog, and 7-month-old baby in what will either be an epic family adventure, or total freakin’ disaster.

3-hours in the car with the baby – how bad can it be?

I’ll be back on Tuesday with a new blog.  Have a great long weekend, folks!

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June 26, 2017 25


Learning A Transitioning Market Is Not Easy

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seller, a buyer, or an agent – learning a transitioning market isn’t easy.

Now to be fair, a lot of the people who fail to learn do so out of ignorance, or refusal.  It’s not easy for a seller to accept that they would have sold their house for a higher price in February, and still pull the trigger in June.

But as the spring market looks to summer, I don’t know who looks more foolish: the stubborn seller, or the ignorant one.

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June 23, 2017 10


A Whole New Level Of Crazy!

If you’re a long-time reader of TRB, you know I love crazy houses.

And by that, I mean houses that are both crazy, and more often than not, result from crazy owners.

We’ve seen some doozies over the years, which I’ll recap below, just for those who haven’t seen them.

But I think as we approach the 10th anniversary of Toronto Realty Blog, I’ve found the craziest house of all time… Read More

June 21, 2017 6


What The Heck Is An “Escape Clause?”

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about RECO’s bulletin on “escalation clauses,” and how they were, in my opinion, illegal and unethical.

I got some push back from some of my readers, but perhaps we can agree to disagree for now.

In any event, a lot of the old-timers were joking that escalation clauses were used in the 80’s when the market was slow, painful, and at times – more creative.

So is it any coincidence that escape clauses are making a comeback?

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June 19, 2017 12


Welcome To The New Market!

I wonder if Google will pick up those keywords, and I’ll get a hell of a lot of emails about properties in Newmarket…

Anyways, as I mentioned on Friday, I’ve been tracking the post-Victoria-Day listings as I wanted to get a better sense of what properties are selling, and more importantly how they’re selling, ie. with respect to under-listing and holding-back offers, or offers any time.

So let’s look at what I’ve accumulated over the past couple of weeks, and see if we can’t draw some conclusions about the market, and about where your strategy should be, as a seller…

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