January 31, 2018 68


Check Your Emotions At The Front Door!

I was literally writing this blog post in my head as the scene unfolded.

This story is about two things:

1) Good agents versus bad agents
2) Getting emotional when you can least afford it

Not everybody will agree with everything in this story, but what can I say?  Toronto real estate is not for the faint of heart…

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January 29, 2018 13


Signed, Sealed, &…………..Then What?

Delivered, right?  That’s how the saying (and the song…) goes?

But what if that which is signed, and that which is sealed, is not delivered?  Then what?

Believe it or not, this is a question that’s raised from time to time in real estate, and it always presents a challenge…

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public art program

January 26, 2018 10

Toronto Politics

What Is The “Percent For Public Art Program?”

Well, if you read Wednesday’s blog, you’ll probably know it’s the answer to Wednesday’s blog question: “What’s the origin of the art in front of Toronto condos?”

Alas, developers aren’t commissioning for the creation of art on their own.

They’re being forced to.

For those of you that thought people do good things of their own free will and desire, sorry to burst your bubble on a Friday…

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realtor stats

January 22, 2018 27


Realtor Stats: How Many Transactions Were Agents Doing In 2017?

Search Google all you want, I assure you – you will never find the answer to that question.

So many people ask me questions on this subject, all the time.  And even agents themselves want to know!

I don’t know what conclusions you can draw from the data, but I do know that TREB doesn’t make this available.

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rental controls toronto

January 19, 2018 73


Could Tighter Rental Controls Be Coming?

I don’t think so, but as many of you, not just I, have pointed out – you never know what this government is capable of.

I read a “letter to the editor” this morning that made me shake my head, but perhaps it’s the voice of a larger percentage of the general public than we think.

Even though one of the biggest pieces of rental legislation in the city’s history was implemented last year, there are still many people out who think that should only serve as a starting point…

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