1 bedroom condo

February 28, 2018 145


The 1-Bedroom Condo Market Is On Fire!

I haven’t seen anything like this since….well, since this time last year.

Say what you want about the market; give your opinion on where we are.  But there’s absolutely no denying what’s going on in the condo market right now, and even the most ardent market bear can’t show us data to the contrary.

Let me take a moment to show you where we are, where we were, and God help us – where we might be headed…

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ontario standard lease agreement

February 26, 2018 28


Introducing Ontario’s New “Standard Lease” Agreement!

Renters, rejoice!

Landlords, ask yourselves how this changes your risk-reward equation.

Some will celebrate this new standardized document as a way to further protect vulnerable tenants from unscrupulous landlords, and others will see it as yet another example of the government meddling where they need not.

Let me try to provide you with as unbiased a view as I can possibly take…

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Toronto Buyers

February 22, 2018 61


Toronto Buyers: “Creating Your Own Narrative”

I used this term in Tuesday’s blog as I discussed a buyer who simply didn’t “get it,” or wasn’t “with it,” in the context of the 2018 real estate market.

Many buyers out there don’t get it, and many of them try to create their own narrative, by hoping, waiting, wishing, dreaming, and eventually convincing themselves that the market fantasy they’ve created for themselves, is, in fact, the reality.

Today, I’ll give you a few recent examples of interactions I’ve had with people who create their own narrative, and you can tell me if their thoughts have merit, or if they too just don’t “get it,” as the saying goes…

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Offer Dates

February 20, 2018 34


Offer Dates: Either You “Get It,” Or You Don’t

People.  Honestly.  They’re the worst.

I’m channelling my inner-Seinfeld with that quote, but seriously folks – I was just shocked by some of the people I met two weeks ago when I had a hot listing for sale, and I couldn’t believe how they approached both the price of the property, as well as the process surrounding the sale.

I’m constantly amazed at how a person can be so intelligent, yet have so little common sense.  And during the course of this listing, “those” people were lined up in droves.

You either “get it,” or you don’t.  And try explaining to somebody who doesn’t “get it,” and you’re wasting your time…

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non starter

February 16, 2018 20


Is This A “Non-Starter” In Your Condo Search?

What is a non-starter, or a “deal-breaker,” in your opinion?

How many non-starters could you list off, right now, off the top of your head?

A smoker’s unit that will never smell fresh again, a 3-cat-home where you’ll never fully get rid of the cat dander you’re allergic to; what is the deal-breaker, for you?

A client of mine recently said, “I won’t stare directly into somebody else’s living room, that’s a non-starter.”

Oh really?  Well then you won’t want to live here…

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real estate prices

February 14, 2018 17


How Have Real Estate Prices Across Canada Fared In The Last Decade?

We’re about to find out!

After Monday’s blog, where I think a lot of people were shocked to see the Calgary Home Price Index (HPI) price is only up 4% in the last ten years, I figured perhaps it would be educational to look at a few other selected Canadian cities, and compare their appreciation rates against the Canadian average.

Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Guelph, Ottawa, Moncton, Regina, Saskatoon, and Victoria will be our focus today, and I’ll provide you with the HPI prices for each month over the last decade…

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