August 31, 2018 23


My Thoughts On The Competition Bureau & TREB

Posting this on the Friday before the last long weekend of summer means it did NOT get the attention it deserves!

So we’ll leave it up for one more today to ensure everybody gets a read in, then talk about the fall market on Wednesday…

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August 29, 2018 18


Competition Bureau vs. TREB

I got back late Tuesday night, and didn’t have the energy or time that this topic deserves.

So consider today’s post an introduction to what’s going on, and I’ll put together my thoughts for Friday…

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August 20, 2018 1


Going To Idaho!

Yes, it’s my yearly jaunt down to the middle of nowhere, and today is moving day so there won’t be any new material!

But I’ll be back on Wednesday with a topic I’ve never explored before: is it possible to gain any true “enjoyment” from owning raw land, or is it the most boring real estate investment there is?

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